Friday, June 10, 2011

Hoverbike + 8 more

Hoverbike + 8 more

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Posted: 10 Jun 2011 08:34 AM PDT

Nope, it's not a bicycle version of the Hoverboard. Instead, the Hoverbike ($TBA) is a motorcycle-like ultralight aircraft that's powered by a flat twin 4-stroke. You ride the thing like...

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Whiskey Holster

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 07:01 AM PDT

Oh hell yes. Blending perfectly with the beverage's wild west image, the Whiskey Holster ($39) keeps your favorite bourbon right where it should be: on your belt, preferably right next...

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Bottle Key

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 07:00 AM PDT

No matter what you keep in your pockets or bag on a full-time basis, odds are you have some keys. Now you can add a bottle opener to that list....

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The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 06:59 AM PDT

Whether or not you've watched Food, Inc., you've likely heard about the fact that the majority of meat sold in this country is from nasty, disease-encouraging mega-farms. But you might...

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Xploderz Water Pellet Guns

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 06:58 AM PDT

It's about time someone offered all the advantages of paintball without the paint. Xploderz Water Pellet Guns ($15-$40). These unique toy guns shoot pellets made of a super-absorbent polymer that...

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Ignoble Lenore Capsule Backpack

Posted: 09 Jun 2011 11:37 AM PDT

Is it a duffle bag? A backpack? Both? Whatever the answer, the Ignoble Lenore Capsule Backpack ($250) is definitely handy. Made from ballistic nylon with a Ripstop nylon interior, the...

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Posted: 09 Jun 2011 09:48 AM PDT

Mixing a classic boat shape with modern details and designs, the Firmship (€276,000; roughly $400,500) is a little like a James Bond boat from the '70s — think Roger Moore...

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Discraft Ultra-Star 175 Ultimate Frisbee

Posted: 09 Jun 2011 09:29 AM PDT

Let's see: it's the world professional standard, it's not too big, and it costs less than a nice Blu-ray. As such, there's no reason not to own a Discraft Ultra-Star...

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Sound Freaq Sound Platform

Posted: 09 Jun 2011 09:05 AM PDT

Got a thing for the monolith from 2001? The Sound Freaq Sound Platform ($200) comes pretty close. This versatile speaker offers up Bluetooth, an iPod/iPhone Dock, an aux in port,...

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