Thursday, September 15, 2011

SPARC Series


I was lucky I didn't missed out this opportunity to attend this event organized by Student Engagement Center (SEC).
SPARC Series was held in Paparich at Bangsar, the purpose of this event was
to motivate and to inspire students to make full use of their time in college or university.

This event took around the time of approximately of 90 minutes, where by
45 minutes
will be a talk session by Hannah Tan and how to realize your dreams, while the other 45 minutes is for a QnA and Workshop session, where EYE will be talking about effective medium of communication, and how clubs & societies can utilize that to their advantage.

Emcee by Jeremy Teo, Red Fm Morning Breakfast Dj.

Next, Chris Tock given a talk about SEC, what SEC is all about, the aims, the visions and more.

Right after that, Hannah Tan also giving a motivational speech.She shared about his sweet bitter life that she went through. I was quite impressed how strong she were when she were young, and have to undergo through every tribulations and predicaments.

She poured her heart out sharing her experience in Japan.


She motivated us by telling how important our dreams are, and sharing with us how to achieve it too. She explained we should clearly know WHY we have to achieve our dreams
rather than HOW to achieve it.

"The bigger WHY you have, then the stronger your will of HOW to achieve it."
said Hannah Tan.

The crowd who attended this event were attentively listening to the stories of what Hannah Tan shared through out the night. It was indeed a good time listening to her successful story.

Nevertheless, I also took this opportunity to snap a few shot together with Jeremy Teo, Chris Tock and also our gorgeous and yet successful woman, Hannah Tan.

Jeremy Teo, me and Chris Tock

Hannah Tan and me, by the way, she is Sarawakian as me too.

Last but not least, of course we're going to have a group photo together.


I truly believe this event made a huge impact of me, of how I should spend my time wisely in college and university. It also gives me a good exposure of business knowledge too.
Indeed, it was a good night, having dinner together with friends and also listening to inspiring motivational stories shared by Hannah Tan. I am looking forward to attend any event organize by SEC in the future. For more information, please remember to visit Student Engagement Center.

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