Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can You Paint Asbestos Siding

Asbestos siding is very popular across the nation in the sixties, because Asbestos Siding is cement board containing an asbestos.

Then, can you paint asbestos siding ?

Early Stage

  • Clean the peeling paint using a water blaster for big pieces, then dry. Do not remove the paint with sandpaper or the way in wiped out.
  • Prepare the surface to hold the paint by applying a liquid sander solution with a paint roller and use a clean cloth to rub the surface.
  • Repair siding shingles. if necessary, replace the damaged
  • Make the adhesive surface of the paint colors and close the old paint, apply a base coat of paint on board the newly cleaned. then dry.

Painting stage
  • Perform the initial board of painting using a brush or roller. Wait a few minutes.
  • Use a good paint brush to cut in the paint along the doors, windows and roofs.
  • Repeat the process of painting. completed

Thus the answer to the question can you paint asbestos siding ?

Hopefully, this blog can help you.

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