Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Edison Chen photo scandal is back!

I just browsed through internet searching for the latest eBooks that I could purchase from PLR sites. But instead, something got into my attention. 

Guess what? 

Edison Chen has returned to internet. This time he isn't involving any Hong Kong celebrities but a 16 years old female student. How pathetic. Edison Chen, a Hong Kong pop start who went viral with his sex photos scandal admitted he was once having a relationship with this Cammi Tse, 16 years old student model but he is single again now. 

This time he is seen kissing and hugging the young model 16 years old model, Cammi Tse in the leak photos.

Some leaked photos.

bfab31c93d77c8bf645e5c8f_Edison Chen1

65da8bb0b16480dd34795ec5_Edison Chen

For those who are unsure of who is Cammi Tse, she is a young student model, only 16 years old by the way. This shows how naive she were, for having a relationship with Edison.


Ain't bad right? ><

Anyway, Edison Chen was also believed that he has a craze of purchasing girls underwear and lingerie on the internet. Gloria Wong, his ex, also criticized that he's "sick" and "morbid". However, I am just sharing this news on this site. Quite a distracting news for all right? 


Enjoy !

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