Monday, November 7, 2011

The Final Countdown

As examination day draws near, everybody is busy preparing for the final exam. It is the moment we all are getting nervous and stress at the same time. But why do we waste our time focusing on what made us worry instead of getting prepared for the battle?


This is some tips for the preparation of the final battle.

Creating An Optimal Learning Environment. 

To study effectively, it's very important for all of us to first create an optimal learning environment. We all should choose to study consistently at one place so our mind gets into the habit of working whenever we are there. Our study place should have following characteristics:

Let There Be Light 
The environment is most conducive to learning is one that is brightly lit, preferably with yellow light. This is because fluorescent (white) light is too glaring that it may lead to headaches. 

Check The Temperature
A temperature which is too high will tend to make us feel drowsy or sleepy. Try, as far as possible, to study in a place which is a little colder than what you normally like. The reason is, through research, we tend to keep alert in a colder temperature (Optimal temperature is 19 Celsius)

Free Yourself Of Distractions
Unless we all have a great discipline or will power, it is very hard for us to focus on our studies, so ensure that our study area is free from distractions such as Facebook :P 

Don't Pig Out!
Do not eat a big meal before a study session. It often makes us feel sleepy or drowsy because a lot of energy and blood is directed to your digestive system. Food to avoid is red meat, sugar or white flour as these food types reduce our brain's ability to store information. 

Bach For Background Music?
Play music in the background whenever we study. Music is rhythmic and listening to it has a synergistic effect which enhances brain power. Choose the best music is important too. Find those music which put us in a relax mode (alpha state) so that learning can take place.

These are the tips that I found useful for the final battle towards our final examination. Find it useful or simple? Yet it depends on you. But through so many researches, those are the best way to put our state to study effectively. I have use these few tips and it really helps me to study effectively. Do not forget to leave some feedback based on this post. Nevertheless, good luck to all for the final!

Yes we all can !

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