Monday, November 7, 2011

Herbs That Make You Healthy

Did I mentioned that I was sick last few days ago? And guess that my body is too 'heaty' inside. So I went to Koh Woong Toh Sdn. Bhd for the popular "Herbal Jelly". Herbal Jelly or "Gui Lin Gao" is a chinese traditional food whereby it helps to release our body heat. This traditional food has been inherited generations by generations long time ago. And indeed it is still a popular food until today.
"Herbal Jelly" and the "5 Herbs Herbal Tea"
After consuming the "Herbal Jelly", my body felt so much refreshed and yet I feel healthy too. You too can try it out. The taste is very sweet and very chilling inside your mouth. It is serve when it is cold. 


Look tasty isn't it? Well, in fact it is very healthy and affordable too. "Healthy Jelly" or "Gui Lin Gao" only cost me around RM8 for a small bowl. (which is quite big for me)


After consuming it, I felt much better and guess that my body isn't as "heaty" as before. It really works on me and I bet it works for everybody too! So, why not go and try it out yourself? 


Koong Woh Tong Sdn. Bhd.

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