Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Candice Boucher looking like one hot little minx

Posted: 01 Jun 2011 02:50 PM PDT

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve been waiting for a brand spanking new photoshoot with this peach for months. Even though only few guys know who Candice Boucher is, I’ve always had a thing for her and considered this cutie as one of the sexiest girls on the freakin’ planet right now. That’s how much I like her.

You can just imagine how happy I was this morning when I’ve discovered this new drop dead sexy swimwear photoshoot with her. Now… do I really have to start yapping about how freaking hot this peach looks? She’s a natural beauty, perfect from head to toe and these photos will surely haunt your dreams tonight.

So… Here’s Candice Boucher prancing around in bikinis and swimwear for the a new collection or something and looking freaking hot in the process. Enjoy the photos and try not to drool all over your keyboard…

Candice Boucher Swimwear 1 Candice Boucher Swimwear 2 Candice Boucher Swimwear 3 Candice Boucher Swimwear 4 Candice Boucher Swimwear 5 Candice Boucher Swimwear 6 Candice Boucher Swimwear 7 Candice Boucher Swimwear 8 Candice Boucher Swimwear 9 Candice Boucher Swimwear 10 Candice Boucher Swimwear 11 Candice Boucher Swimwear 12 Candice Boucher Swimwear 13 Candice Boucher Swimwear 14 Candice Boucher Swimwear 15 Candice Boucher Swimwear 16 Candice Boucher Swimwear 17 Candice Boucher Swimwear 18 Candice Boucher Swimwear 19 Candice Boucher Swimwear 20 Candice Boucher Swimwear 21 Candice Boucher Swimwear 22 Candice Boucher Swimwear 23 Candice Boucher Swimwear 24 Candice Boucher Swimwear 25 Candice Boucher Swimwear 26 Candice Boucher Swimwear 27 Candice Boucher Swimwear 28 Candice Boucher Swimwear 29 Candice Boucher Swimwear 30 Candice Boucher Swimwear 31 Candice Boucher Swimwear 32 Candice Boucher Swimwear 33 Candice Boucher Swimwear 34 Candice Boucher Swimwear 35 Candice Boucher Swimwear 36 Candice Boucher Swimwear 37 Candice Boucher Swimwear 38 Candice Boucher Swimwear 39 Candice Boucher Swimwear 40 Candice Boucher Swimwear 41 Candice Boucher Swimwear 42

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12 Things To Do When You’re Really Bored

Posted: 01 Jun 2011 02:10 PM PDT

You are truly bored and nothing seems to get you out from this ultimate level of boredom? There's no friend near you to make you laugh? The TV or your computer won't help you anymore? Don't panic! There are a lot of things to do when you are bored, even if you are alone. Here are a just a couple of ideas:

Try moon walking inside your home. Fun time: 3-5 minutes. A small step for men, a giant leap for mankind. This is exactly what Neil Armstrong was doing just a couple of weeks before touching the surface of the Moon. You’ll never get there, but at least you had a bit of fun.

Wear your underwear over your pants and act like 'Superman'. Fun time: 5-10 minutes. Do the cocky walk and the manly talk. If you’re tired of acting like Superman, you could even start singing something stupid. Like Justin Bieber’s songs. But make sure no one, absolutely no one, sees you.

Try not to talk about penguins. Fun time: 1-5 minutes. As much you will try to avoid a subject, as much you will think about it. You might think now that the penguins are just some cute little birds from the South Pole, but soon you will see how truly evil can be.

Blink your eyes really fast for a while and then close your `em tight. Fun time: 1-5 minutes. You will see a lot of stars, dots and colors. Try to find familiar shapes. Maybe your subconscious is trying to send you a message. Maybe this message is “go out and freakin’ do something”, who knows? Maybe you’ll end up doing something interesting soon.

Use your secret mind power. Fun time: 5-10 minutes. Choose an object or maybe even a person near you and use your secret mind power to make ‘em do whatever you want. The laws of probability say that sooner or later they’ll do something and you could convince yourself you’re a sort of superhero.

Scratch up. Fun time: 1-3 minutes. Go ahead and scratch ever part of your body. You feel a lot better right now, eh? Don’t go for the genitals because that’s gonna lead to other things.

Repeat a word until it is loosing its meaning. Fun time: 1-5 minutes. Choose a random word and say it loud until it becomes a meaningless sequence of sounds. That usually happens in just a couple of minutes. I’m sure your neighbors will have a reason now to think you’re crazy.

Watch TV and repeat everything you hear, but with a foreign accent. Fun time: 5-10 minutes. It’s pretty fun. If you add elements and gestures, it gets even better. Imagine you’re an Italian and you’ll feel like a guy from the Godfather or imagine you’re an Indian and you’ll feel like a tech support guy from any web company.

Write a letter for the future you. Fun time: 5-10 minutes. After you’re done hide it really well somewhere in the house. You’ll end up finding it after years and years and someone will have a good laugh in the future. You can just hope that no one else finds it before you do.

Go to Reddit. Fun time: more than one hour. There’s ton of awesome stuff shared there and if you follow the right subreddits you might end up wasting hours and hours on that site. Caution, It might get really addictive.

Pinch yourself. Fun time: 5-10 minutes. What is pain? What is bad? No, not anything physical – it’s all in your mind. In addition, after you’re going to do this for a while, you’d think that it’s better to be bored than to pinch yourself again.

Make a contest such as "who is less competitive". Fun time: 1-3 minutes. Trying to win this contest, you’ll lose. If you want to lose, then you'll win, but in reality you will lose. If you'll not try at all, then you'll lose, so you'll win, but in reality you'll lose…

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