Monday, June 20, 2011

Puisi Persahabatan Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Persahabatan dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris ini kami sajikan untuk anda semuanya, puisi persahabatan bahasa inggris ini bisa kalian pakai sebagai koleksi ato di kirimkan kepada sahabat anda semunya. Nah langsung saja berikut ini koleksi puisi puisi persahabatan dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris.

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.
Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.
And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.
- Sheelagh Lennon –

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.
Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.
Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.
Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.
- Brittani Kokko –

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