Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CommFest 2011 "Log Off for Humanity & Log On to Reality"


Good news for y'all!
CommFest is back! CommFest is a very happening event organized by Taylor's School of Communication.


By the way, CommFest is an event whereby youth will be able to attend interactive sessions called the Media Circuit Live with some of the biggest names in out local media industry. Furthermore, youth can also enjoy to visit on the Art Bazaar by our local artists and also can showing their talent at Yuberactive Mc in Action. It is a 30 seconds to fame by showcasing their talent to MC.

Besides that, there is also a chance to experience on-ground communication activities such as inaugural faceMe Project which is organised by Mypartners Communications in conjunction with the Communication Festival 2011. Nevertheless, youth can also keep to date with the fashion trends by attending our Fashionology event at the very same night! For all fashion lovers, I bet you'll love this. And also, youth would be exposed firsthand experience where by Fashion meets Technology at this event.

Where? When? and Time?

It would be in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on 11/11/11 at 11am-11pm. The minimal fee would be ONLY RM7.00 as a passport for you to have fun the whole day long. It is a chance that you all wouldn't want to miss! So, what you guys are waiting for? Please come over and enjoy the day!

For more information, please visit to their blog by clicking HERE. And also start to follow their Twitter for the new updates! Without any hesitation, please do 'LIKE' their page by clicking HERE.

Let's see what is happening last year :

Please come and join this event! Grab the chance now.
See y'all there !

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