Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'Live Interview' with Brian Tracy on Webminar

If you are in my Facebook friend list, I bet you know this !
Guess what? I will have the golden opportunity to interview Brian Tracy on webminar on live. Yes, LIVE. I will be interviewing him personally one to one. I will be talking and asking questions to him live via internet on the webminar.


Don't know who is Brian Tracy? Sounds familiar?
I bet most of you know who is him. (Especially those who are involve in business and sales). Brian Tracy is a self-help best selling book author, peak performance strategist, motivational speaker and also a successful business sales speaker who made millions of dollars who once was from a school dropout before. Sounds impressive? Yes, he is a top coach for business
in the world.

For more info about him, please check out his website. Click HERE.

Back to square one, now I have the chance to interview him personally, one to one live on webminar. It would be on 20th Oct 2011 (5pm PST). It is an interview
based on 'How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author'. I bet y'all have a lot of questions to ask. If there is, please comment below. It is one in million times chance to personally interview him.

Basically, he wrote and published a lot of books, and of course I am reading them too. (In need to learn marketing skills for my own company : Creative Visual Studio)

Few Brian Tracy's books I bought not long time ago,




Nevertheless, instead of having chance to interview him one on one, once again I will be seeing him live too by attending his seminar on this end of the year. I bet it is going to be full house this time. For more information of his Asia International seminar, please click HERE.

Do please also check out this another site of mine, on life and success. HERE.

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