Monday, October 31, 2011

Santapan Istimewa First Onlive Tv Show in ZenQ Dessert.

My team and I finally did some video shoot for Santapan Istimewa in ZenQ Dessert in Sunway Pyramid. Well, a lot of my friends asking me, what is Santapan Istimewa? What is so "istimewa" about it which also means special in English. Santapan Istimewa is currently the Malaysia First Online Tv Programme whereby it reviews all nice 'Halal' food & beverages in Malaysia. It goes from places to places just to review or introduce you all the best food & beverages in region. 

Last Saturday, my production group had teamed up with Santapan Istimewa for a video shooting in ZenQ Dessert. Why we picked ZenQ Dessert? ZenQ Dessert is very special in a way that it promotes and offering traditional handmade Taiwanese dessert. Yes! Now you can eat traditional handmade Taiwanese dessert here in Malaysia. They offer wide range of desserts and drinks starting from Grass Jelly series, Barley series, Red Bean Soup series, Shaved Ice series, Sago series, Iced Tea series & Freshly made series. Isn't it cool? You shall try it out! Let's see some photos behind the scene during the video shoot.

Some photos behind the scenes during the video shoot session. 

Nikon D3s is in action!


Feeq busy taking pictures of  delicacies.

Bob and I  



photo of myself drinking Grass Jelly Pearl Tea. (You should try it out! Its awesome!)


Stay tuned for ZenQ dessert reviews. It worth trying out! And for more information of Santapan Istimewa, please do come and support this website and the Facebook page as well. To know more about nice delicacies that ZenQ Dessert provides, simply drop by here to know more!

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