Wednesday, October 19, 2011



The latest music video by Justin Bieber. What do y'all think about his latest song?
I have got a lot of responds and comments regarding to his latest song, Mistletoe.
Some said, "He became matured in this latest song", some even said that his upcoming album would be the best music video album for Christmas. There is a lot of pros and cons. Well, if you ask me, I would say, 'I don't know'.

It all depends, depending on the person who listens it. But of course, for those who are the die-hard fan of Justin Bieber, they will support him till the end.
What y'all think about that? Any comment?

According to CBS News, Justin Bieber's upcoming album, 'Under the Mistletoe' sales would go for charity. Isn't it a good thing? I bet it would be the best Christmas gift from Justin Bieber. So, for Justin Bieber's Haters out there, he is a good people, isn't it? For more information, visit CBS NEWS.

One of the article about Under The Mistletoe. HERE.
If you all have any opinions, don't be shy to drop a comment. :)

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