Friday, October 7, 2011

Death of Steve Jobs


How many of you here are Apple users? I bet most of you are Apple users, even me myself,
I have iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch, I love musics and Apple's creation of iPods have made music lovers' life whole easier.
And again, of course for photos and videos editing, I use iMac. See, this is how Apple has changed our life entirely.
Nowadays, a lot of teenagers out there couldn't live without Apple stuff.

But, I am wondering people started to grieve and moan about Steve Jobs's death 3 days ago, how many actually know his history of success, of how he built his Apple company, of how he managed to make his business to be the peak businesses among all compare to other big companies such as Nokia, Microsoft and so on and so forth.

Let me tell you this, I was fond and still impressed of Steve Jobs's keynotes and presentations all the time. His presentations was amazingly magnificent. Again, I may not to say we only have to enjoy the luxurious and elegance of Apple productions but let us take some time to read or to know about his history of hard work, life and success.
Indeed, you will feel the loss of Steve Jobs is ever immense.


A little history of Steve Jobs.

"Steven Paul Jobs, the co-founder and chairman of Apple, died Wednesday at the age of 56.
Born in San Francisco in 1955, Jobs grew up near Cupertino, Calif. After attending Reed College in Portland for one semester (and auditing classes for free for several more), Jobs took a job at Atari, designing circuit boards. In 1976, Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak.

The two young men started out with a few thousand dollars in cash and a vision of changing the world. Over the course of the past 35 years, the company and Jobs have gone on to change the world, the personal computing industry, the music and film industries and the mobile industry as we know.

Apple released its first mass-market product, the Apple II in 1976. The Apple II helped ignite what would become known as “the personal computer revolution” and thrust the charismatic Jobs into the spotlight. By the time IBM released its first PC in 1981 and Commodore released the Commodore 64 in 1982, Apple was already hard at work on the product that would cement Apple’s place in computing history, the Macintosh.

Brazenly introduced to the world in 1984 via a Super Bowl ad directed by Ridley Scott, the Macintosh helped set the standard for personal computing paradigms for the next decade." - Source

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