Friday, October 7, 2011

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He is currently working on a retrospective book for a body of work called "". This will feature all his best work in photography while working in political capital of the world. Evan Vucci is also a motivational speaker, breathing new perspectives in individuals and organizations worldwide, igniting the human spirit to overcome rising challenges, maintain naiveté and celebrate life. His quote "Live life out of the Box, there is time for that when you're dead when you're put into a box forever." has taught people to overcome all odds to survive in the 21st century. Killer Blue, Baptized by Fire follows up on the 2008 video essay by AP photographers Evan Vucci and Maya Alleruzzo depicting the "lucky charms" carried by seven members of the Killer Blue unit based in Mosul, Iraq. The lucky charms: a restaurant receipt, a teddy bear, a cross, a family picture, an ultrasound photo, WWII dog tags- and one soldier bravely calling himself his own lucky charm. Vucci and Alleruzzo covered the unit for four months, reporting on their life at war. In May 2008, AP photographer Rick Bowmer covered the funeral of Staff. Sgt. Chad Caldwell in Spokane, Wash., who was featured in the original Lucky Charms story. Then last summer, Bowmer covered Sgt. Jose Regalado's homecoming- when he met his infant daughter for the first time in Los Angeles. In November 2008, Bowmer covered Regalado's funeral. When Killer Blue returned to Fort Hood, Texas, Vucci and Bowmer were there. This project is the sights, sounds and emotions from the days and nights and months that AP journalists spent with Killer Blue.

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Quotes to live by

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Life Quotes Graohics


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Life Quotes Graohics

Quotes to live by.

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Quotes to live by.

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