Friday, October 7, 2011

Shall Men Be A Breadwinner And The Home-maker Too?

Last few days ago, I had a lunch together with a bunch of friends.
We had a good time discussing about our world current issues and what we didn't really seemed to miss out is "Shall men be a breadwinner and the house-maker at the same time?".


Well, as for me, I totally have no idea in the first place but when it came to a second thought, I said, "why not?" I bet most of the modern women today work for the family and also in the same time work in the house too but why not men do the same?
Can't men do any better than women? That's not necessary true.

I have two awesome housemates, they both can cook, wash their dishes, clean the house, and anything you could name them, under house-chores' list. I bet they might be even better than some women in our age. They could possibly be a breadwinner and the home-maker for their family in the future.

Men, being a typical men are just too ego when talking about doing the house-chores or taking care of the house, but again, ask yourselves. Why not? Why not you? And why not men do it too?

Think about it, you might come with an interesting reasons to debate too.
Again, "Shall Men Be a Breadwinner and the Home-Maker at the same time?"

Any interesting reasons to debate on, come and comment below.

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