Sunday, October 9, 2011

Others can, So do you !


Once upon a time, I used to dream about being successful, wealthy and famous in which
owning a multi-million dollar businesses.
But guess what? I was never started to make a move, and instead of moving forward, I was moving backward instead.

Anyway, that had been a history. Now I have my own company (it wasn't easy to start a business), I started to attend seminars and workshops to improve my business, I started to create my own business plan and so on and so forth. Instead I involve in a lot more earning-money businesses. Guess what?

I started to live on my own, earning some extra pocket money instead of a monthly allowance given by my mom. So, how do I get started?

It was all the crazy ideas that came from my mind. So, why not you do the same?
Start to take action to go after your dreams/ goals.

A video that I would like to share :

Nevertheless, it was only a short post from me tonight, but more to come in future, and guess what? I'll be having another website that you can visit to know more about how I started with businesses and ways of how you can learn to start from a total zero to hero.
This blog would remain as a lifestyle blog but another would be another site of me. Please stay tuned !

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