Thursday, September 8, 2011

Arthur's Day !

Arthur's Day 2011 is arriving !

What's more guys?
Its Party Time, I bet most of y'all can't wait, right?
Its time to get your body shaking and dance till you drop.
But apart of great musics and songs, y'all are going to get the
best stout in the town - Guinness !
Besides that, guess what is so special this year? Taio Cruz is in the house !

Yes, its true! Taio Cruz will be joining us this year with great musics and great songs.


Date : 23rd September 2011
Time : 6pm - late
Venue : Speed City, KL

But before that, wonderin' where to get the passes?
Please join the contest held by Churp Churp, to get free passes.
Better be quick and don't miss the chance !

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