Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I still can cope up with so many things in life? Its Time Management !

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Two days ago, in one occasion one of my friends asked me quite absurd questions.
Friend: Felix, are you sure you are an architecture student?
Me: mmhhhmmm.. Why then?
Friend: But I assume all architecture students should be busy with hell loads of works, assignments and projects to do. But I wonder why, you seem freakin’ free!
Me: Why do you say so? What made you think that I am free?
Friend: If you are an architecture student, then you weren’t suppose to be here, you wouldn’t be free attending this dinner, taking photos and having your own business while you’re still an undergraduate.
Oh well, here it is, the answer would be the time management. I always tell people this, time management is important, and let's see how I deal with stuff, to manage my time between social life, business and education.
There are 3 rules that I always practice.

  1. Don't ever create any impossibles circumstances.
  2. Define priorities.
  3. Avoid distractions and FOCUS!
I will never trap myself into doing too much things. Don't try to work full time and take a full load."Use time to create success, not failure."
I will only attend events or any occasions which I think is important, if it's not, I would rather spend my times doing some other more important things such as my assignments.

Define priorities! Yes, you gotta find your priorities. You can't just go with the flow. My way is I will jot down or write down stuff to do or we called that as 'Thing to do' list. Is that useful?
It may sound simple but yet the impact is so powerful if you know what you have there to complete and to do. I always do stuff according to my list and guess what? I always finish my assignments or other stuff in time or earlier.

Well, the last one is trying to avoid distractions and FOCUS! As a blogger, photographer and a businessman and a student as well, I'm always full packed with events, occasions, classes, lectures, meetings and so much more! But as I told you in the first point, don't create impossibles situations, don't get yourself to do too much things at one time. And this is where the second point plays its role. Get yourself a 'Things to do' list so that you know which stuff or things you have to do and complete or which events that is important that you might have to attend. While you are doing your important things according to your list, make sure you FOCUS! A lot of people out there tellin' me, why everytime they couldn't finish their work even they list down everything they have to do, and it drag them so long just to finish one single drawing. Then I further asked, what were you doing while you're doing your work? They said, as usual, Facebook's right beside. Can tell that? They obviously do not focus in doing their work.

Is this simple and short post useful to you? This post isn't something I searched in the internet or copy paste from any time management book, but this is based on my own experience whereby I can still earning money, socialize and get a good result. Any queries?
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