Friday, September 16, 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011

Star Tour Invites 2011

Hey Guys! Remember Clinique Star Tour?
I bet you do, I bet some of you were in the contest too,
asking friends to like and promoting your own photo and so on and so forth.
I bet you did that!
And guess what? Long awaited result release will be on 23rd of September 2011 whereby
Clinique will announce the winner of Clinique Star Tour 2011.

The winner of this contest, Clinique Star Tour will be having an opportunity
to be the cover of this Cleo Magazine.
Come on guys, I know you wouldn't want to miss this event right?

Details regarding to date, time and venue is on the poster above!
Please check it out guys!

Let us watch one video of the Clinique Star Tour 2010.

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